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spring lawn careOkay everyone, it’s go time. Grab your shovel, rake, wagon, fertilizer spreader, and all of your other gardening tools and get out in the yard.

By now you are no doubt seeing all kinds of activity in your lawn, some good and some not so good. The winter weeds are blooming and dispersing their seeds for next winter. The summer weeds will be coming in to replace them very soon. The turf grass is greening up quickly and you have probably had to mow once or twice by now.

This is the time to get ahead of predictable lawn issues like weeds, fungus, nutrient and pH deficiencies, and more. Make a commitment now to get into a prevention mode rather than a reactionary mode with your lawn. Timely herbicide treatments (pre-emergent and post-emergent), fungicide treatments, and fertilization will reduce or eliminate the issues that keep your lawn from thriving.

Our lawn and property maintenance programs are custom-designed for each unique home landscape. We can build a program around your individual landscape that includes periodic shrub pruning and fertilization, lawn care (mowing and/or chemical treatment programs), irrigation maintenance, and tree care.

Spring is a great time to consider a yard feature that will give your outdoor living space that extra something that has been missing. Pergolas are perfect for entertaining or escaping the summer heat, water features add interest and beauty, and outdoor kitchens, grill docks, and more help create welcoming and fun environments for friends and family to enjoy together.

Please give us a call to discuss how to get ahead of the game with your landscape this spring. We are available any time for consultations and free estimates.

Have a great spring!