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We work with all types of Stormwater infrastructure including natural streams, stormwater management facilities, high-hazard dams, large traditional facilities, underground structures, and contemporary micro-scale and vegetative-based techniques.

Heart of Georgia Environmental performs inspections, maintenance, repair and construction of all types of man-made BMP’s, natural streams and wetland systems.
Heart of Georgia Environmental is an industry leader in the practice of engineering, maintaining, repairing, restoring, and retrofitting existing stormwater infrastructure.
We also perform routine inspections, record-keeping and recording functions that are often required by local governments and other regulatory agencies. In many cases we can recommend design enhancements that can qualify for significant discounts and/or credits on your stormwater bill.
Our team is knowledgeable about wise water usage and teaches clients how to effectively water their lawns. One of our top concerns is customer satisfaction, so we provide a warranty on every system we install.

Drainage System

Heart of Georgia Environmental‘s team of experts will keep your stormwater system operating properly and in compliance with government standards. Various government agencies in Georgia have specific regulations regarding the maintenance of these complex systems. We can help ensure that your stormwater systems are working effectively and comply with Georgia’s regulation standards.

Reduction of Stormwater Fees

Utility rate credits are available to owners of stormwater management facilities who meet certain criteria. A Stormwater Utility Rate Credit represents a reduction in the customer’s Stormwater Utility Fee. This credit can reduce your stormwater utility fee by as much as 40% for non-single family residential properties (commercial, industrial, educational, religious, municipal and recreational).

Stormwater Management Facility Service

  • Inspection of your stormwater management facility for compliance
  • Performance of work necessary to bring you facility into compliance when needed
  • Performance of engineering calculations to verify eligibility for stormwater credits
  • Filing of the credit application
  • Communication with your billing authority regarding compliance and eligibility
  • Maintenance of records for purposes of ongoing compliance and reporting
  • BMP Installations